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Clever CMMS 3.4.2

Clever CMMSClever CMMS is a user-friendly management tool that...

Clever CMMSClever CMMS is a user-friendly management tool that organizes and improves the maintenance function of your business. The purpose of our product is to quickly and easily summarize the ;health; of your maintenance function and to help you improve the efficiency and quality of your maintenance operations.

Clever CMMS helps in the implementation of better management systems aimed at improving production cost-effectiveness and employee work satisfaction.

The strength of Clever CMMS lies in its powerful functionality which focuses on optimizing the maintenance processes of your business. It helps you organize and coordinate both preventive maintenance as well corrective maintenance processes, helping you to optimize your company's reliability and efficiency.

These can all be monitored easily by using the various customizable reports available to the user. Another strength of Clever CMMS is that it ensures a quick return on investment since it is a very competitively priced quality product.

The fact that updates and upgrades are continuously being released continues to add to the products' exceptional value for money. It also shows how much Clever Solutions Ltd cares for its customers.

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